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You feel deeply concerned about the state of our world and prioritize helping others as much as you can. You are a strong, competent person who is successful in life.  Yet inside you often feel lonely, afraid or “not enough.”  You have built some good connections with people, but when you are alone you find it hard to feel your own feelings, or you feel so much you become overwhelmed.  You have a sense that something is missing, but you aren’t sure what.  


Sometimes you talk with friends or family about these feelings, but their response always seems to fall short.  You know they care about you, but somehow they are always trying to “fix it” or don’t seem to care as much about the things you do.  You may have even tried therapy, and while it helped to talk to someone, things didn’t really change.  


I am a therapist who sees deep connections between our personal healing and the healing of society. I help those who help others by providing practical tools and experiences to create change that lasts.  You will feel more in tune with your own feelings & needs, more confident in what you want, and be better able to stay focused on your commitments even when life is hard.  You will feel more energized and clear about your contribution to social healing, and move from guilt/shame into grounded, connected action.  


If you are ready to start practicing new ways of being that bring more aliveness, confidence & satisfaction please contact me for a free 20-minute consultation

Training & Experience

Licenses & Degrees:

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (Lic.#52663)

Master of Science, SFSU, Dual Specialization: School Counseling & Marriage, Family & Child Counseling

Bachelor of Arts, Mills College, Women's Studies 

Specialized Training (1 year or more): 

The UNtraining / Racism, Diversity & Risk of the Self, Robert Horton & Rita Shimmin 

Somatics & Trauma, Generative Somatics

Internal Family Systems Circle Introductory Training

Additional Training:

Somatics, Trauma, Mindfulness:

Somatics, Trauma & Resilience, Strozzi Institute

Embodied Leadership, Strozzi Institute 

The Body Keeps the Score: Trauma and Healing (Digital Seminar), Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

Multicultural Alliance Building, Isoke Femi

Depression & Mindfulness, East Bay Meditation Center

Trauma 2-day Conference, Bessel Van der Kolk

Somatic Approach to Working with Trauma, Justine Polevoy

Children & Adolescents:

The Mindsight Approach for Children and Adolescents: Integration Techniques for the Mind and the Developing Brain (Online Course), Daniel Siegel, M.D.
American School Counseling Association 3-day Conference

Working w/ Families to Support Young Children’s Understanding of Racial & Cultural Differences, Children’s Hospital

Successful Parent Involvement with African-American Families, Children's Hospital 

Gestalt Play Therapy, Bay Area Community Resources

Anger in Therapy, Bay Area Community Resources

Expressive Arts Therapy, Bay Area Community Resources

Adolescent Issues with Substance Abuse, Bay Area Community Resources

Stages of Change, Bay Area Community Resources

CA Association of School Social Workers Conference

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