I am a therapist who sees deep connections between our personal healing and the healing of society. I help those who help others by providing practical tools and experiences to create change that lasts.  My practice seeks to provide a welcoming & nurturing place for people of all backgrounds & identities. 


Having a positive, supportive relationship with a therapist who listens deeply to you and provides appropriate support can be transformative.  

I strongly believe that sharing stories and experiences with a supportive group is necessary for healing.  So much trauma and pain is caused in group contexts (family, school, etc).  We have the power to create spaces together to heal past wounds and learn new ways of being together.

I have many years of experience helping white people identify and unlearn harmful racist conditioning.  I offer consultation for those who need immediate support with a work or personal situation, as well as a consultation group for therapists.  


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Currently seeing clients online only due to Covid-19

carenmft@gmail.com |  Tel: 510-224-3863

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