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As a therapist, my goal is to collaborate with you and to walk alongside you on the path toward aligning your life with what you most care about.  I believe each of us has our own inherent wisdom and natural inclination toward wellness.  Life circumstances, experiences, trauma and social oppression disrupt our sense of dignity, belonging and safety and creates "static" that distracts us from our inherent basic goodness and aliveness. 


In sessions, you will be able to set the pace and decide the focus.  Then, together we will explore what is happening in the present moment, using attention to mind, body and spirit toward more awareness, embodiment, healing and transformation. 

Somatic Bodywork & Somatic practices will be offered to you as they are profoundly effective modalities to support more rooted, long-lasting change in a way that talk therapy is not able to.  

What is somatics? 

I work primarily with:

* Folks who help others, such as therapists, teachers, organizers, parents, etc.

*LGBTQ Community members

* Women

I can help with: 

*Stress / Burnout


*Feelings of "not doing enough"

*Life transitions

* Anxiety & Depression

*Parenting support

*Grief & Loss

* Caregiver Support

*Unlearning racism 

Are you ready to feel more resilient, satisfied & engaged? 

Contact me for a free 20min phone consultation.



for people who spend their lives serving others

Every Other Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm

Experience a supportive place to slow down, feel & re-charge your energy.  Learn tools to integrate your body, mind and spirit to help you be at your best as you support your clients, students, family & community.

WHEN: Every other Wednesday, 7:00-8:30pm

WHERE: Online

HOW: $65 per session

Group size max 6 people

INTERESTED? Fill out the contact form and let me know!  

"Caren is a caring and intuitive healer, and I have benefited deeply from her coaching and guidance. Her support group provided techniques that have helped me to pay closer attention to the sensations in my body and to extract meaning and wisdom from those feelings.  Through the meditation and movement practices that I learned, I am better able to recognize the physical clues that my body gives me and to respond to them with loving attention.  This awareness and growing responsiveness to my own needs and wants has contributed to a clearer and more embodied sense of self and purpose."  ~JM, Group participant 2019

Racial privilege leaves those of us who are white with limited awareness of racist social structures, and often a lower capacity to handle conflict, complexity, and collaboration.  This conditioning is not our fault, but it is our responsibility to become more aware and to learn and practice the skills we need to participate in creating a more inclusive society.   I offer time-limited one-on-one coaching for those who identify as white and are looking for support to start this process.  1:1 sessions are time-limited because I strongly believe a substantial investment in group work is necessary to achieve lasting change. 

I am a longtime facilitator with the UNTraining program

Check out for upcoming group opportunities

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